One Photo Tuesday

Thought I would do something different for my photo today. Took a simple pic and then played around with the filters on Instagram.

Sunny Morning At Mugdock

Textbook cold sunny clear October day which made it lovely to go for a walk at Mugdock with Maia. Great to get a good hit of sunshine first thing in the morning. Sometimes really enjoying just been able to take photos on my phone and not have anything else to carry with me.

Post Work Walk

Not been in the past headspace recently and struggling a bit more than I have done for a while so trying to really focus on what is going to help me come out of this dip. One of the main things is getting outdoors more so yesterday after work picked up Maia from the house …

Missed That View

First time in months doing the Whangie, not been able to get out of the city in months due to lockdown so enjoying being able to go places now. Very much need to work on my fitness but the best way to do that is getting out there and doing the activity. So hoping this …