2021 Goals

Every year I like to have some goals of what I want to achieve that year, so not so much things that I won't do but want I want to do. Had them for 2020 but due to obvious reasons didn't achieve that many of them. Which is absolutely fine! For this year wanted to …

Ice and Sun

With just two days left of this year Scotland pulled out a beauty for the weather. Went for a walk at Boden Boo and though freezing was hard not to take picture after picture. Frosty grass, sand iced up where it was wet and pancake ice on the river. Along with being completely still and …

Foggy Walk

Last weekend I wanted to show Kat a different walk at Loch Ard which I had done a few times but she hadn't done before. The walk goes higher than we usually do in the area so great views of the Loch and further a field. And Saturday was foggy, very foggy! So much for …

One Photo Tuesday

Thought I would do something different for my photo today. Took a simple pic and then played around with the filters on Instagram.

Sunny Morning At Mugdock

Textbook cold sunny clear October day which made it lovely to go for a walk at Mugdock with Maia. Great to get a good hit of sunshine first thing in the morning. Sometimes really enjoying just been able to take photos on my phone and not have anything else to carry with me.