Cycle to work

Great to get the chance to cycle to work again. This photo was from looking behind me. Stunning morning.

Baseline is Happy

As you will probably have noticed I haven't blogged for a while so just wanted to do a quick updated on what has been happening for the past month. I am still very much carrying on this blog but it just hasn't been top priority which is fine. Sometimes you just need to take a …

Last Blog of 2018

Last blog of 2018 and a very short one as just back from a weekend with family in the Lake District. Next year need to have some planned out in advance for posting but for now just a few photos from the trip. Very little technology time and more just enjoying the time there. As …

Keeping to schedule

Have been doing well with getting a blog out each Thursday and Sunday so didn't want to miss one though not much to say. So just a couple of photos for you. The original and one that I have altered.

Looking Down

Yes it is important to look forward and look up which loads of people don't do. When was the last time you went for a walk around where you live or a town or where ever and really looked up. However sometimes looking straight down in front of you is just as important so that …

Still Time

Bird Photography is not something that I have done very much of partly because I don't really stay still enough to get the good photos. At the house up north there is a bird feeder outside so one of the afternoons when we were sitting out in the sun I  just sat there with my …

First Day Of Spring???

So the first of March is meant to be the first day of spring. Doesn't quite feel like that today in Glasgow with the thick snow and heavy blizzards. However really enjoyed going out for my walk earlier and getting some photos with my DSLR rather than my phone.