Photo taken this morning on the way to the top of the Whangie with my phone. Drizzling and misty but do quite like the photo.

New Tattoo

Very happy today to have got this tattoo. One that I have been wanting for ages, loved the idea of it and with the help of Kat she came up with a design for it. First tattoo as Rob which feels pretty good and it very much won't be the last one! Today is also …

Happy Place

This week it has been great to be getting outdoors so much, it has always very much been my happy place and that has been even more apparent in the past year or so. I am very much the outdoor person that I am because of my dad so I am happy that I can …

No Moment Is The Same

Yesterday went for another walk up the Whangie, in slightly drier weather than the day before. Yeah it is the same hill but the great thing is so much can change in a day and if you try to just be in the moment then no moment is going to be the same.

New Project

Ever since I finished One Hill, One Year I have been trying to think of a new project to do and I keep getting drawn back to the Whangie. It is a hill that I do so much and is easy to maintain the project through out the year so have decided to do something very similar …