Snowy Week In February

Last Sunday the snow was just starting to melt after being there for almost a week and this blog is looking back at the photos that I took through out that week. Had been a while since was out taking photos with my DSLR was enjoyed having the snow to motivate me to get back out there with my camera.

I am currently off work again due to anxiety which meant had the time during the week to be out enjoying the snow. Enjoyed the walks with Maia and my camera both were defo helpful for my mental health.

First three photos are from the snow in our garden and the next three are footpaths through the snow. Footprints in the snow is one of my favourite things to take photos of especially when the snow is fairly untouched.

Like how the sunlight is shinning through the trees and onto the path in the above photo and then the shadow of the trees on the photo below.

And of course wouldn’t be a blog without some photos of Maia in the snow as well.

Not all my photos of the snow but I am sure more will featured in new blogs in the not so distance future. Hope you enjoyed these ones for the moment.

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