Snow Walk With Maia

Yesterday Glasgow got quite a lot of snow over night and as I am not at work at the moment ( another blog to discuss that ) meant that I had a snow day with Maia. She absolutely loves the snow and just wants to be out playing in the whole time so there is plenty of time to be getting photos outside. Being British any snow is a big deal but also where every day is the same at the moment it has been nice to having something different. Of course I am saying this cause don’t have anywhere to go.

Sure this won’t be my last blog snow related, after not feeling that I really had much to take photos of the past little while I now have something and am taking advantage of the momentum it has given me with my photography. Yesterday was the first time in ages that I use my GoPro so all the photos in this blog are taken from videos that I took on my GoPro.

Not very far from where we live is a bridge going over the railway, I used the GoPro stick to get a closer picture of the railway tracks.

Any snow that gets kicked up Maia has to try and catch so this is her go to position.

We had this area which is normally grassy all to ourselves which was perfect, all untouched snow as well which I love to see.

Maia jumping for snow

One man and his dog.

After about an hour playing we headed back to the house, though it wasn’t long before Maia was asking to get out again. As I said I don’t think this will the last blog with snow as the main feature.

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