Transform Your Doodles Into Art

A few weeks ago I decided to sign up for a drawing course that kept popping up on my Instagram feed which had caught my attention. The course is through Domestika and is called ‘The Art of Sketching: Transform Your Doodles into Art’. With being in lockdown at the moment and suppose mental health being up and down for various of reasons felt like having something different to focus on and have fun with.

Doodling is something that I have done on and off and after looking at the drawings of the guy who takes the course Mattias Adolfsson ( mattiasink on Instagram) was something that I thought I could really enjoy. I wasn’t wrong!

Part of the fun was at the start of getting to buy some new stationery for it, love stationery so enjoyed the process of choosing it and then receiving it. Then I got to draw it, perfect!

The next step was then starting to make the pens/pencils into characters and also working on human characters as well. The feature image of this blog is a page of playing around with different pens.

Photos of the drawings aren’t really about my photography but just thought it would be something different to blog about and include my beginning drawings. Hopefully will see improvement as I continue with the course. Will also post some of the drawings onto my Instagram page as well.

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