Lack of Blogs

So in my last blog one of my goals was to write a blog at least once every 2 weeks, that hasn’t happened! However did think that would be the one that I wouldn’t stick to exactly and as I talked about I have been trying to find a routine with this blog for a while. Still very much a work in progress as can probably tell from spells of no blogs and then some weeks where there is loads.

With being in lockdown finding that not really talking that many photos except the occasional ones with my phone and the number of photos and blogs are very much linked. I do then question of why I am doing the blog and whether I should be using it more for writing about my life. However again with lockdown feel then that there isn’t a huge about to talk about.

I think I am still searching for that sweet spot of knowing what I want to use this blog for and also having the routine/habit in place for writing the blogs along with the photography. As I said a work in progress but isn’t everything with life and even when I do have the longer breaks from it I do keep coming back to it so this is something that I want to do which is a start.

For now I have put some photos I have taken over the past few weeks of January and will keep working on where I want to go with this blog.

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