2021 Goals

Every year I like to have some goals of what I want to achieve that year, so not so much things that I won’t do but want I want to do. Had them for 2020 but due to obvious reasons didn’t achieve that many of them. Which is absolutely fine!

For this year wanted to have more that I can achieve no matter what else is going on in the world. 2020 has showed us that anything can happen so 2021 can be more prepared for the unknown. The goals are there to challenge me but also enjoyable and engaging.

My first couple of goals are to do with playing the piano more, been luckily enough to get some piano lessons for christmas but rather than just have a goal of play the piano more I wanted to be more specific so then I know when I have achieved them. I want to be able to play The Other Side from the Greatest Showman and also I piece from the Pride and Prejudice soundtrack, have still to decide which one.

I have a couple to do with mountain biking as well, one is do the 12 week MTB fitness programme that I signed up for last year. Started it a couple of times but due to various reasons not got past doing it for a couple of weeks however that doesn’t matter, keeping on going with it and learning from each time is what helps. Also wanted to try out some new MTB trails so improving my fitness is going to help with that.

Along with MTB I also have some goals for getting outdoors more, would be great to do a Munro this year so that I one of my goals along with wild camp, go on a solo camp and kayak in a new area.

Every month I would like to set myself a challenge or habit to do for that month which I may or may not continue past that month. For January I have set myself the challenge to not buy any more books, last year I read 73 books but also bought many books as well. Love to read and be in a bookshop getting new books. However now have loads of unread books so want to give myself a chance to read some of them before getting new ones.

For a while I have been trying to find a routine with this blog that I can stick to and haven’t quite found it yet so the plan now is to try to blog at least once every 2 weeks. Also going to stick with the one photo Tuesday blog as well. Will see how I get on with this one and be happy to be flexible with it and change it in order to find that routine.

So 10 goals in total for 2021 but ones that I think will challenge me along with being fun, engaging and achievable. Here is to 2021!

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