Foggy Boden Boo

Boden Boo by the Erskine Bridge seems to be the place for me to go this week from having been there last Sunday for a walk, then there for a paddle on Thursday and was back there this morning for a walk again. It is a great place to go with Maia and nice to go somewhere that isn’t just the park but also not traveling far at the moment given the restrictions.

This morning it was very cold and frosty when leaving the house but clear however when got to Boden Boo was very foggy. Made for an atmospheric walk with being able to hear the vehicles on the bridge but not really been able to see the bridge. Also made for some atmospheric photos.

Started the walk by heading down to the beach first before then heading for an explore in the forest, usually stay around the beach when there as it is quieter but as was earlier today got to see a bit more of the area. I finished the walk by heading back down to the beach.

I like how in these two photos that the main colour is blue.

Glad wasn’t wanting to head out on the water this morning for the first part of the walk really couldn’t see that much either on land or water.

The bridge seemed even bigger when it is coming out of the fog.

Can tell we are leaving autumn behind with most of the trees having lost all their leaves and forests having a colder feel to them. Just as enjoyable to walk around taking photos of.

Always love taking a photo of a cobweb with the moisture in the air showing up so much detail.

When headed back down to the beach the fog had started to clear and with it being flat calm got a couple of nice photos of the bridge reflecting on the water.

For having been to the area so often this week feel like everything I have been the place has looked different or that I have noticed something new. Part of what I like about going to the same place again and again, no day is the same!

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