New Paddle Spot

On Sunday I was down at Boden Boo for a walk with Maia and saw some kayakers launching from there, hadn’t really been a spot I had considered before but why not? Always good to discover new areas to go to for any sport. We both had a half day yesterday and one of Kat’s work colleagues and his girlfriend kayaks as well so we arranged to meet up in the afternoon for a paddle. Had been trying for a while to arrange a time to meet for a paddle so was good to get something sorted. Unfortunately Andrew wasn’t feeling well but Ellie was still up for heading out onto the water.

The day started very misty all over Glasgow but luckily cleared up and though grey in the afternoon the mist had cleared. As you will be able to see from the pictures we couldn’t have got it any stiller for being out on the water, was so flat calm! Cold but once layered up and paddling was a comfortable temperature so for a paddle at this time of year weather was pretty good.

To head up the river or down?

We headed down and outwards the sea. Easy paddle as the tide was going that way.

Kat exploring.

Who is going to win the race?

Too close to call!

Mist was still visible higher up the hills.

We had a few mins of rain but otherwise stayed dry.

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