Time To Spare

On Friday my car was going in for it’s service and MOT ( it passed!) so I had the day in Glasgow. Thought I would use the opportunity to go on a photography walk, the garage was very near Glasgow Cathedral and Necropolis which is a great location for taking photos. I spent a good couple of hours there and then headed over to the West End to meet Kat for lunch so the last couple of photos are from there.

Took over a 100 photos so really went through them to edit down to the ones I thought were the best, it is easy to want to hold onto more but really want to try to be as critical as can regarding my photos so that I can improve. Also if in an area that go quite a lot then do end up with a lot of photos that look the same. Hope you like the photos that I have kept.

One of the things that I like doing when walking around the Necropolis is seeing all the different people that are buried here. This grave is from William Miller, the author of Wee Willie Winkie.

I like how the colour on the gravestone is very similar to the colour of the tree behind it.

Found how nature had interacted with this man made structure fascinating to look at.

This photos is one of my favourite with how the two colours contrast each other.

Necropolis, Cathedral and Hospital all in one photo.

And then as mentioned a couple of photos from the West End, could spend just as long walking around here taking photos as well. Love the colours.

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