Life Update Part 3

Time for another life update, if you have been reading my blog for a while you will have seen my two other blogs on life update. For those who haven’t I will do a very quick summary, I am a trans man and after getting to the point that I didn’t feel like waiting on the NHS was the only option that I could take I decided to look into what my private options were.

There is only one clinic in Scotland to go to which is through in Edinburgh so a couple of months I had my first appointment there which went very well from there I then had a Skype appointment with a psychologist for the second opinion and to confirm diagnosis. I then had to get bloods done before having my next appointment through in Edinburgh which was on Monday.

We had known about this appointment since the first one so decided that we would make more of the trip through to Edinburgh and have a wee night away. With how things are at the moment it is as much of a trip away as really going to get at the moment. A couple of weeks before we were due to go through the extra restrictions came in which meant no pubs or restaurants were going to be open; no quite what we planned but decided to go through anyway and get a takeaway or something.

The hotel we were staying in, the Leonardo City Hotel Edinburgh, used to be the Simpson Memorial Hospital which is were Kat was born as well as her brother and sister as well. So that was pretty cool to stay in, had loads of old photos up in the hallways. We weren’t sure what the rooms would be like and our room turned out lovely, nice comfy bed, separate table and chairs, windows that we could open and great shower. Usually we don’t spend a huge amount of time in the room but since we knew we would be in this one it was great to have such a nice room.

We had brought some alcohol to drink and found a great pizza takeaway place right beside the hotel so after a walk around the area we got a takeaway and then watched a film. Not the planned evening when we booked the hotel but turned out to be a perfect evening!

The hotel was also right beside the art shop so Monday morning we spent some time in there before heading to a wee cafe for some brunch. We would both defo stay at the hotel again, get the same takeaway, go to the cafe and visit the art shop again so a successful trip already.

Now the exciting part I had my appointment at the clinic and got my first shot of testosterone!!!!!!!! Don’t know why but wasn’t expecting to get it at that appointment so it was a lovely surprise. After waiting so long to get to this point and feeling like everything was the steps to get to the beginning line I have now passed the start point, this is me on T and it feels great.

I know it will vary how long it takes before I start to notice any changes but just to know that I have the correct hormone in my body makes such a difference. It feels so right that it highlights how wrong it felt before not having T. I am excited to see how I get on from now on and though it might be quite a wait for changes that feels okay.

My next appointment for the second shot is in 3 months but will do some more blogs before then in regards to how I am getting on and feeling with being on T. Very happy to have reached the point that can say 19/10/2020 is the day that I started on T!

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