Early Morning Photo Walk

Decided that would head down to Loch Ard early on Friday morning as weather due to be cold, clear and sunny. Perfect for getting some autumnal photos and it didn’t disappoint. Frost on the car so defo ticked the cold box.

We left the house just after 7 to get there and just after 8 which worked out perfectly. Sun was out but still had the mist over the water which I absolutely love looking at, one of my favourite sites. Was a great way to spend a couple of hours plus we then grabbed a bacon roll in Aberfoyle for breakfast which finished the morning off perfectly.

There wasn’t any wind so the water reflections where amazing, to the extent that could look at it either way up and think that was the correct way.

Atmospheric ducks in the morning mist.

Love the colours in this photo both as they are and then as they are reflected.

Maia of course was with us and had great fun playing around.

Really like this photo for all the different shapes that the trees and branches are in then with the misty water in the background.

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