Always More To Explore

Yesterday I headed off to Carron Valley with Maia and my bike. Absolutely stunning day so doing anything outdoors was going to be brilliant but also aware of how much getting out on my bike helps my mental health. If you have read my blog from yesterday you will have read that I am off work at the moment. Had my conversation with the GP and that has now been extended to two weeks signed off. So hopefully be able to use the opportunity to get out as much as I can.

Have been to Carron Valley a few times and this time decided to keep going higher than the mountain bike trails. Found a new path to follow, wasn’t able to do that yesterday which means will need to go back to explore more.

As soon as you step out the car there is stunning views all around and when it is sunny with clear blue skies you can’t go wrong.

Maia loves to cool down in here after we finish our ride/run.

Really enjoy riding through the forest when it is sunny for the light and patterns that are made through the trees.

It is nice to be rewarded as you climb up the hill with the views making it a great place to go for a ride as lovely in the forest with the light and then when out get to admire the view.

There was loads of these cobwebs around on the grass in the shade, always love taking photos of them. Also this time of year where it is that little bit cooler so a fresher feel. Can’t beat a day like this in Scotland.

As I said I kept on going a bit higher up the hill and was defo rewarded with the views plus finding another path to come back to explore at another point.

Maia was loving the day as well, lots of running, plenty of streams to cool off in and of course gets to look picturesque in a picture.

After spending some time sitting soaking up the sunshine and silence it was then time to head back down the hill and go do the mountain bike trails.

I had my GoPro attached to my handle bars but don’t think going to use that system again as it just kept on working its way loose so that the GoPro was pointing downwards. Cool angle for the below photo but not really want I am looking for for the full time. Think going to stick with having it on my rucksack.

Didn’t take us long to get back down to the bottom of the hill, Maia enjoyed having a cool down in the pool beside the car park and then it was home for some lunch. A fun few hours out on the bike!

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