Life Update Part 2 & Finally A Walk With My DSLR

A few weeks ago I did a post of a Life Update and said when I had done the next step I would talk about it. So that is partly what this blog is about.

Also I finally went for my walk with my DSLR unlike last time where I forgot to check the battery so will talk about that a bit and the photos are from that walk. The walk is on a Thursday morning when normally I would be at work so will do an update on why that is the case and my mental health.

In terms of the life update which is do with how I am progressing with my trans journey in the last blog I had talked about seeing what my private options were. The next stage was to have an appointment with the psychologist as there needs to be a second opinion for there to be a diagnosis. I had that on Tuesday on Skype, which was a bit weird but much better than not being able to have it.

It all went well, fairly straight forward chat and she is more than happy to confirm the diagnosis and for me to move onto the next stage. So that is getting a whole load of bloods done as a baseline, which I am getting next week and then in October I have a further appointment at the private clinic to discuss what my options are. It will be at that point that I will find out what medication is appropriate for me to go on and also cost. That will be the stage that I will be able to make the decision of whether I can go private for this at the moment or not.

It is exciting that it feels so close now and that I could be on T before the end of the year I just hope it works out that way. Will do another Life Update blog after that appointment to talk about how the next stage is going.

The past few blogs I have been talking about how my mental health hasn’t been in the best of places and been in a lower mood than have been for a while. This has particularly been at work but have been trying to do more outside of work such as walks and bike rides to see whether that would help me cope with work better.

Have been enjoying doing more but didn’t find it was having an effect on how I felt when at work so after a discussion with one of my managers made the decision to take some time off work. Initially just signed myself off for a week however been finding this week that I am just constantly thinking about whether I should go back to work or not which isn’t really helping me have the break from work that I need. So yesterday when out on my walk made the decision that I need longer off and I am having a phone appointment with my doctor this morning to get signed off for longer.

My plan is to get outdoors as much as I can as I know that is what really helps me and is also a complete break from everything. So yesterday morning I headed down to Loch Ard fairly early with my DSLR and full battery!

When I got there it was empty but within a few mins a couple of cars pulled up and headed towards the Loch at the way that I would have gone so I changed my plan and decided to go explore around Lochan Spling. Usually avoided this walk as it is from the main car park and always really busy but early on a Thursday morning I had it to myself.

Was an absolutely stunning morning with amazing reflections on the water.

Recon if I follow this waggy tail around I can’t go wrong!

Hopefully have a few more blogs over the next few days/weeks as I spend my time in the outdoors having fun and getting better.

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