Always Check The Battery!

Plan for today’s activities was for Maia and I to go for a good walk at Loch Ard and for me to take my DSLR with me. Haven’t been out for a good photography walk in months, was going to on Wednesday but was totally chucking it down with rain.

So today was the day as lovely sunny weather and any walk around the Loch Ard area is perfect for taking photos. But as you may have guessed from the title of this blog I did not check the battery before I left and didn’t have very much left.

I managed to get four photos taken with my DSLR , two of which were worth keeping.

However I had my phone with me, it was a lovely day and I had my best friend with me so after calling myself an idiot and learning from that life lesson I soon moved on to enjoy the walk.

The berries just started to ripen so enjoyed having a few of those, Maia after a while gave up waiting for me to give her any and was taking them off herself.

To work on my fitness I head up hill, was rewarded with lovely views and also having the place to myself which considering the weather was pretty good going. Met a few people when coming back down closer to the Loch but otherwise was just me and Maia.

Followed the path until I could go no more.

Then there was nothing for it but to turned round and head back to a spot to sit for lunch.

Not a bad view for lunch! Nice to be able to have more cups of tea outside again.

Overall great walk and next time I will check the battery!

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