Post Work Cycle

As I mentioned in my last post I am in a lower mood at the moment that I have been for a while so trying to focus on getting outdoors more. Also making a push to do more after work so on Friday I headed off for a bike ride straight from work.

Headed to Carron Valley and managed to catch the weather perfectly. It has been a mixture of rain and sun through out the day so it was good to get the sunshine when out for the ride. I had done a lot of exercise the night before with cycling to basketball, playing basketball and then cycling home. That was much the most exercise I had done in months and potentially all year. So it wasn’t a long ride that I was out for but the main thing was to be out doing and going for the bike ride.

Always amazed at the sound coming from the dam as you get closer to it.

Really enjoyed seeing the sun shine through the trees in the forest.

Was very much the right move to decided to come out and do this even with tired legs it was still great fun to head straight from work to this.

Felt like I was chasing my shadow all the way down the hill, think my shadow won!

For not having done much mountain biking this year it was a good starting point and now to get out more and also work on general fitness.

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