Post Work Walk

Not been in the past headspace recently and struggling a bit more than I have done for a while so trying to really focus on what is going to help me come out of this dip.

One of the main things is getting outdoors more so yesterday after work picked up Maia from the house and headed to the whangie.

Weather was miserable and later in the evening so made the decision I wasn’t going to aim for the getting to the top but more be out for an hour, have fun with Maia and take some photos.

I had taken my DSLR to get some photos however in that weather it didn’t leave the car. Just used my phone for taking the photos.

Had the place to ourselves which was great. Only saw one other person on my way back down and that was a guy with two collies. The joys of dog walks!

Couldn’t really see that far with the cloud cover and rain but that didn’t matter. At points all you could hear was the rain which was lovely.

A few very heavy rain showers , enough for Maia to put her ears away. Sometimes though there is nothing better than just getting soaked. Very much helps get you out of your head.

Made the right decision just to focus on being out there for the walk and the surroundings. Didn’t really matter how far that I got.

Had a few moments were the rain wasn’t so heavy and it cleared a bit to see a little bit more of the views. Not a huge amount!

After about half an hour of walking one way it was time to head back to the car.

Very glad I just went and whatever the weather was it didn’t matter.

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