Intentional Use Of Social Media

Apart from this blog I haven’t really been on social media for the past few years ; came off Facebook and Instagram for my mental health around the beginning of 2017. Have to say not a decision that I have regretted.

Last year I was on Instagram for the year for a project/new year resolution that I was doing of drinking more cups of tea outside. Enjoyed it for that but even then found there was times that I was spending more time on it than I would want to. Very much trying to limit what I was looking at and who I was following but when the year came to the end decided that my time on Instagram would come to its end as well. Again haven’t missed it.

So what has changed, well I suppose I have been questioning why I have this blog and what I want to achieve. One of the things I talked about right at the start when setting it up was that I wanted my photography to improve, one by taking more photos and two by the input of others. However I actually need to take photos for that to happen but also people need to see the photos.

Also at some point it would be great to start making some money from my photography, having it as a side business as well as a hobby. That isn’t going to happen if I don’t take the photos, improve but also make people aware of my photos and this blog. Which is where social media comes in, it has it’s good points and it’s bad points but for all that it is how the world works at the moment and is here to stay so need to learn how to work with it.

Therefore that got me thinking about the world of Instagram and Facebook again; mixed feelings about it but something that I want to try and put more time into this. Think start making it more of a priority as there is no point having a dream but actually not doing any work towards it. All the wishes in the world aren’t going to change anything.

I have decided to just start out with Instagram at least for September and see how I get on with that then decide from there how I want to proceed. So have set up an Instagram account and as I do blogs will start posting photos on there as well.

My plan is not to have social media for the sake of it but to have an intentional use for it so for why I have it and also for when I want to be on it and what I want to achieve. Lets see how I get on!

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