Life Update

I haven’t done a life update here for a while so thought this would be as good as time as ever. If you have been reading my blog for a while you will know that I am a transman.

I got referred to the NHS gender clinic in Feb 2018 and I am still waiting for my first appointment. Obviously COVID plays a part in this however the waiting list was still very long/ not moving before that so now it is going to be in a worse place due to that impact.

I decided that I needed to find out what my options were if I went private. It has been something that I have been avoiding till now one cause of cost but also very much believe in the NHS. However at the same time feel like I have made all the changes that I can on my life without medication and surgery. I want/need that next stage in my life to happen and don’t want it to be many years down the line.

There is only one private clinic in Scotland which is in Edinburgh. They were very helpful and quick when first contacted them to look at getting my first appointment which was great especially after over a two year wait with nothing happening.

I had my first appointment just over a week ago and it went well. I am very good at telling my story in a succinct straightforward manner so was a quick appointment.

Got the diagnosis from that GP but to fully get it need to have a second appointment with a psychologist so am waiting for that to be arranged. Will be on Skype which is a bit weird but the times that we live in. After that it is blood tests and then back through to Edinburgh to discuss my options.

I am excited to think that there is a potential that I could be on medication by the end of the year but also apprehensive that when find out more detail that what is holding me back is the cost. It is good though after all this time for forward movement to be happening.

Will do another update when I know more.

The photos are taken from around the clinic, a beautiful area of Edinburgh and one that I have never been to before. Next time going to my DSLR and get a lot more photos.

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