Largs To Cumbrae

Yesterday we went down to Largs to meet up with some family who had come up from down south. The weather when we left Glasgow was warm but overcast however when we came down the hill in Largs it was bright blue skies. Perfect!

After a light lunch with them we head to the beach with my uncle to go for a sea kayak together. Conditions couldn’t have been much better for a few hours out on the water. We headed across to Cumbrae.

The hardest part of the day was finding somewhere to park the cars as Largs was packed yesterday, however after dropping Kat and the kayaks off at the beach I then found somewhere a few streets back to get backed. My uncle was lucky and after dropping his kayak off was able to get parked on the front.

With weather like we had didn’t need much time to get sorted and get out on the water. Stunning day to be out for a paddle.

Views were great whenever you turned to admire them.

It got a bit windier as we got closer to the top of Cumbrae but for the crossing over hardly had any wind.

My uncle with his new sea kayak.

We paddled along the top of Cumbrae before turning round to head down towards the ferry terminal.

When heading down towards the ferry terminal we had a nice swell behind us which was good fun to do some surfing on.

After watching the ferry come in we then headed back across to Largs.

What looks small when looking at it from shore defo doesn’t seem that small when up close.

Wind died pretty much to nothing as we got closer and closer to Largs, though still got some swell with the tide turning and wash from various boats.

Third outing for Kat with her new kayak.

Great few hours out on the water and couldn’t have asked for better conditions for it.

Photos and video were taken using my GoPro 7, enjoying getting back into photography and blogging but also just getting outdoors a lot more as well.

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