Days Out Of The City

 A couple of weeks ago we had our first trip out of the city in months to go stay with Kat’s parents for a few days in Kintyre. Great to get out the city and also to be able to spend time with them after so long apart.

 We headed down on a Sunday and came back up on the Wednesday, in those days we managed to pack in as much as we could in terms of getting outdoors and doing as many activities as possible. Weather was mixed but it was great getting back out outside and also spending time with family. 

 First stop was Honeymoon bridge to take Maia for a walk on the way down. A place that we have stopped many a time and is always good for a quick bit of exercise. 


On the way up the hill we saw a motorbike group coming down, very much a first and not what we were expecting to see at all. They were all very polite and going at a slow speed down the hill but still very unusual. 


 The walk isn’t far from civilisation at all but still stunning views, one of the things that I love about Scotland. 


We went for a bit more of an explore up a tangent path in the forest, when we have more time want to come back and continue that further.


Maia loving playing in all the streams and puddles. 


The first morning there we headed up the hill beside the village, Dunskeig. Kat and Morag ran up it, Maia and I walked. 


Maia was a wee power horse for the whole walk as wanted to keep up with Kat, this is her not being able to see her further up the track so checking all areas. 


Even though the weather wasn’t the greatest the views from the top are stunning. 


Later on that day we went for a bike ride, not many photos of that apart from Maia getting to cool off in the quarry and enjoying the first jetboil cup of tea outside in months!


Second full day there and the weather was amazing! We started off taking Maia for a walk on the beach.


Maia loving being back on the beach and getting to swim, chase sand and sticks. It’s a dogs life!


Kat got herself a new kayak back at the beginning of the year but not had a chance to try it out so today was that day. Of course had to hoover out any spiders first!


Back out on the water again and loving it. Amazing views and great company for a paddle. Kat’s new kayak is a success as well which is great. Looking forward to many new adventures with her in that in the future. 


One of my favourite photos with all the colour. 


 Kat had my GoPro for a bit and the next 4 photos are taken from when she had it. 


When we got back to the house I rinsed our clothes off with the garden hose and had great fun playing with Maia and the water. I love this dog so much. 


That evening we decided to have a bbq, yummy food and good fun. Unfortunately it started raining just as we were ready to eat however we just stayed out. Good fun scottish bbq eating in the rain. 


The next day when we were heading home the weather had completely changed, so the view of the same beach from yesterday was slightly different however still good fun to go for a walk. 


Kat and her parents walking along the beach together, feel like would make a good album cover.


A fun few days and felt even more special after the past few months of lockdown. Appreciated it for what it was and looking forward to more of the same. 

All the photos were taken from my GoPro.


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