Lockdown Entertainment

Not a hugely exciting blog just a wee update on how things are going during lockdown.

A while ago got myself an Xbox, join a lot of other people gaming their way through lockdown. Have been wanting to get one for ages and for many reasons have not been able to so actually signifies a bit more than just getting something to play. Shows how life has changed in the last few years and now in a more stable place.

Has been a fun way to spend some time and be in the moment of playing the game. Not spending hours and hours playing it but nice for an other thing to do.

Have enjoyed trying out a whole load of different games and seeing which ones I really like. Played a few that is a blast from my childhood like sonic.

We have both been playing some games together as well which has great fun. Wee bit of competition.

I enjoy having many activities and hobbies that I am interested in which I think has defo helped during lockdown. The one that I haven’t really done much of is photography and blogging. I keep saying this in my blogs and then not writing again for ages. However it is something that I keep coming back to which I think shows it is important. My plan is to aim for putting a blog out once a week now and see whether that is achievable.

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