Using My Time At Work

With the current COVID situation I have a lot more free time when I am work that I would normally do. There is so much that I am grateful with my work with everything that is going on and if the worst that I have to deal with is free time and boredom then I know I am very lucky. However spending so much time in the same room with nothing to do in terms of my job still has an impact.

So I have been trying to use the time productively and be making positive decisions with what I do with my time. Putting a silver lining into this cloud.

There is a dental exam which I have tried to pass a couple of times and haven’t been successful. Hum and haw about how I feel about doing it again but I keep coming back to it which must stand for something.

Initially I had thought about studying for it and decided against it. Was instead focussing one reading the many books that I want to read , which I am still doing however this week also decided that I would start studying for it.

If nothing else it means that I update my knowledge and that is no bad thing. Plus is giving me something else to do during this time and help split up my day a bit.

For the past couple of days I have been trying to do two hours a day of studying which had been achievable. Doesn’t feel like too much so that I am bored of it but long enough to actually get into it. Have been enjoying it as well which is always good.

I have still had plenty of time to do my reading as well. Quickly working my way through plenty of books which is great. The books that I am currently reading at work is the noughts and crosses series , just started the fourth book yesterday.

I do also have actual work to do some of the time but at the moment it is a higher percentage of free time to work time.

Hoping that I am come up with some ideas for blogs as well so that I can actually do what I keep saying that I will do and make this more of a regular thing again.

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