An Uphill Cycle

The next day we set off from the holiday park where my Mum and Helen were staying with their campervans, headed up the forest path from Corrabuie until we were above Tarbert and looking down on Loch Fyne. Again it was another lovely day.

The cycle is pretty much all uphill so was a very good work out on the way up and a very fast fun ride on the way back down. Both Helen and my Mum have electric bikes so didn’t see much of them until the top and in fact didn’t see Helen after she left at the bottom until we were right at the top.


Maia got to come with us this time which was great.


Last time seeing Helen before stopping at the top; once she got going it was easier for her to keep going rather than stopping and starting.


It was then just about keeping on going up and up and up.




Well worth it when we got to the top and were above Tarbert, we went a little bit further along so that we could sit and have a cup of tea with a lovey view onto Loch Fyne.




Took about an hour to get there and about 15mins to get back down and that was going slowly so that Maia could keep up with me.





Maia did a great job of making sure everyone got safely back down the bottom and then it was just the wee up hill and we were back at the holiday park.



Again another great cycle and felt like lunch in Tarbert was well deserved.

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