Emily Our Garden Squirrel

So we have a squirrel who frequently comes to our garden which we have named Emily. There is a reason for the name but is to much to go into here.

On boxing day last year we decided to put some monkey nuts out on the table to see whether she would come get them which she did. Along with the magpies as well, of course. Once she seemed to be into a routine of picking up the nuts I set up my Gopro to see whether I could get some footage. Used the bluetooth feature to activated it from the kitchen when we saw her coming.

She wasn’t bothered by the GoPro at all so got quite a few videos and took some still shots from that.






Also got the magpie as well coming in for some food as well.


Hoping to use my Gopro more in this way with getting more footage of wildlife, was good fun to do and was pleased with the results for a first time.

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