Globe Photography at Loch Ard

Absolutely stunning weather today, plan after about a week of being ill and now on the mend was to go for an early morning walk down at Loch Ard after dropping Kat off at work. The fact the weather was like this was a major bonus!

Haven’t done very much globe photography since getting the globe just under 2 years ago so that was my focus for today. Enjoyed playing around with it and I am happy with the photos I have from my time out.

Was out for about a couple of hours, walked for about an hour taking lots of photos, stopped for some tea and then on the way back put everything away and just enjoyed the time being out in nature and having fun with Maia. Felt great after spending so much time inside recently being ill and recovering. I am glad that I didn’t push it though and instead took the time to get better which means that I am almost back to full health rather than prolonging the illness.



Reflection of a reflection






Maia wondering why she can’t play with this ball




Looking forward to using the globe more and enhancing that side of my photography.

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