World Mental Health Day + 1

So my plan to write in here every day for October didn’t quite work out. Oh well never mind not something I am going to best myself up about. Going to take a bit of trial and error to find out what is going to work for me for maintaining a regular blog.

Yesterday was world mental health day and it was great to see so much publicity about it. Also so many conversations happening around mental health and people just talking about it. Slowly the stigma is going for it and is becoming something that is okay to talk about. Know that that had been a slow journey for me and with everything is always going to be a journey.

The reason why I am doing a blog post today and not yesterday is to bring across the point that no matter how great yesterday was for mental health awareness it is still just one day. This needs to be an everyday thing all year, mental health is always there and should always be talked about.

So please keep all the good work from yesterday ongoing forever more. There is always room to do better.

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