Escape Into The Forest

I haven’t been out with my camera in quite a while and that has been one of the reasons that I have been very quiet on here as well. No blogs for September , first month in a long time that I haven’t done anything on here however good to have the break. Have made a fair amount of changes and self improvement over the past bit which I am sure I will talk about in here in due course.

Have been thinking about whether I wanted to continue doing this blog and at the moment the answer is yes. Think it is a positive influence in my life and something that I want to get back into doing after having the break. For this reason I am going to post a blog every day in October and then re-assess how I feel about having the blog at the end of the month. As much as I can I am going to have the photos from my camera rather than my phone for my blog and also get back out with my GoPro. Photography hasn’t been a priority over the last month or so but want to move it back nearer the top.

For my first blog of October I have photos from a walk I did in the forest at Loch Ard a couple of weekends a go. It was the first time out with my camera in ages and I had great fun exploring the forest and getting lost.

Was a lovely sunny day but hard to get the lighting correct for good photos when in the forest but overall happy with the ones I have here.














Hope this is the beginning of a lot more photography and blogs.

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