GoPro Mount On The Bike

Another GoPro mount, when I did my big GoPro haul, was for my bike so a couple of weeks ago I decided to give that a try out. Headed off to Carron Valley with Maia to see how it worked.

It is attachment to the handle bars so a lower and further forward view that from my backpack.


Easy to turn round with the 360% swivel on it which was good.


Maia as always was excited to get out and be able to do lots of running.


Usually I use the forest fire roads to get up the hill but this time decided to go on the uphill trails as well. Lovely forest to bike through.


Stopped to enjoy the view and to get a photo with my phone.


Played around with the angle of the GoPro to get a few different shots with it.



Carron valley has three different runs, this one is the very top one. Need to work on keep the GoPro a bit more stable on the mount but otherwise was happy with having it there. I’m not going at full speed a lot of the time so that Maia is close behind me the whole way down.

Lots of puddles to splash through.


Recently decided to get myself a new backpack and have wanted an EVOC one for ages. This was it’s first outing.


Maia enjoying her swim and cool down after a lot of running.


Only did the full loop once as that was enough for Maia since it is a lot of running after me. We both had great fun though and will be using the bike mount again for the GoPro.


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