Swimming and Snorkelling

In this blog I have photos and short videos taken and filmed across the full week when we were playing around in the water and snorkelling. Every day we were on and in the water, perfect holiday really for me as I do love anything to do with the water.

Hope you enjoy seeing some of what we got up to and saw during our time swimming and snorkelling.

The first lot of photos shows the spit that we had to cross to get to the beach area.


The first afternoon of swimming around I was wearing my wedding ring and lost it! Luckily and so luckily I went and bought mask and snorkels and Kat managed to find it again. Thank god! I didn’t wear it in the water again and this photo is the only one that I have of me under water wearing it.


A big bonus that came out of that apart from finding my wedding ring is that it got Kat snorkelling and she loved it which was amazing. It is never something that she thought that she would be able to do due to fear but over the week she got more and more confident with it and her swimming, was so proud of her for it and my favourite bit of the whole holiday was seeing her being able to enjoy being in and under the water.

We had great fun playing around together in the water.

Plus amazing to see everything under the water as well.





Love this photo.






We saw lots of hermit crabs but very difficult to get in focus with the GoPro under water, this is the best shot that we got.







The fish got very close when you were walking I think from what was being kicked up in the stones.

This is my last blog of showing the photos and videos from our holiday in Greece. Hope you have enjoyed looking at them.

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