Solo Kayak Explore

On the last afternoon  I went out for an explore on a sit on myself and had great fun going round the parts of the bay we hadn’t done earlier that week with the kayaks. Was also great to explore the caves in order to get out of the sun and be a bit cooler.

Was difficult not to spend all afternoon out there exploring but was conscious of being out in the hottest part of the day so had a good hours explore before heading back to the beach. Great fun and a nice way to finish off the holiday.



Lots of caves to sit in and get some shade.




Love all the colours in this photo.





Great thing about sit on is that you can easily put your feet in the water.


Filming underwater from the kayak was as much fun as above the water.



A wee time-lapse of me paddling back around to the beach.

Really enjoyed all our kayak adventures that we had and was an amazing place to get out on the water to explore.

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