2nd Day In London

The second day that we had in London before flying out to Greece was a bit more planned in that we had Wicked booked in the afternoon and also it was the three of us for that day. For this day I just had my GoPro with me for take photos.

We decided to head to Convent gardens in the morning, grab some lunch there then headed to the theatre to see Wicked. Afterwards we went for a drink before dinner and back to the hotel. Was another really enjoyable day and great weather!

Of course we had to get some strawberries to eat when at Convent Gardens!




We were very  lucky to get a table outside for lunch at one of the restaurants at Convent Gardens,


Then it was off to see Wicked which was amazing! Kat and I had seen it in New York a few years ago so were very excited to see it again and it didn’t disappoint.


T-shirt at the ready.




Afterwards was a refreshing drink before heading for dinner.



Great to see the LGBT support all over the city.



The couple of days in London was a really enjoyable mini holiday before flying out to Greece, glad we had that time and added to the whole experience.

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