1st Day In London

Before we flew out to Greece we had a couple of days in London, a pre – holiday holiday. The first day it was just Kat and I then the second day it was the two of us with my Mum. On day one I had my DSLR with me and then the next day I just took my GoPro in with me.

We had no plans for the day just to head into London from Gatwick and see where we got to. We had a few ideas of what to do and actually ended up doing something completely different which was great. Really enjoyed the day just to ourselves and having a wee adventure.

Our first plan had been to get the train from Gatwick airport to St. Pancreas but we decided to get off a bit sooner at Blackfriars Bridge and go for a walk along the Thames.


Was a lovely sunny day and very much felt like the first day of our holiday.


The Millennium Bridge always makes me think of the scene out of Harry Potter and the death eater attack. We are very much both huge Harry Potter geeks, confirmed by Kat’s t-shirt.


The Globe theatre is in this area so we walked along to go see that, we had both recently read ‘How To Stop Time’ by Matt Haig which features the Globe a lot so it was really cool to walk around the place. Plus we both like the theatre and Shakespeare.





We saw that they had plays on through out the day and you could get a ticket for £5 so we went to ask about that. That afternoon they were putting on ‘The Merry Wives Of Windsor’ and that we could get it for £5 each to stand and watch in the Globe. We jumped at the chance to do that, defo not something that we had thought we would be doing but was great to get the chance to. Wasn’t even a play that either of us had heard of.

There was a few hours to spare before it started so we went for a walk around the area before grabbing some lunch.





We headed across the river and went for a walk around St. Paul’s Cathedral.


Love all the colours on this building.




Lunch was spent sitting outside by the Thames and then we headed to the Globe. Loved seeing inside the place and imagining all the history of the place.






We both really enjoyed the play and the whole experience. The whole day was spontaneous and great fun!

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