Stretch The Legs

Decided yesterday to go for a walk rather than bike ride so that I gave my legs a bit of stretch and used different muscles. Plan to do some hills this year so need to start working towards that, is hard not to just go out and play on the bike every time.

However I do find going for a walk lets me play around with my photography a lot more than biking does. For this walk I decided to use my GoPro stick and get some height on the pictures.


When leaving Glasgow it was a pretty wet grey day so thought it was going to be pretty midgey down at Loch Ard so went for trousers and long sleeve t-shirt however the sun came out and there was a bit of a breeze. Never mind least it helped a bit with the clegs later on in the walk.


Maia as always was in her element and enjoyed cooling off in the water.


Decided to go a bit more off piste and went down through the forest, it paid off in the end as came down to an old road along the river that I don’t think gets used much any more which led me back to the car park. Fun to explore new areas plus got to use the bum shuffle method of getting down a steep slope of moss.


This is the old path that ran along side the river, was glad to find it and just went for it for going back to the car. Glad I did as the gamble paid off plus it meant I didn’t need to climb back up through the forest again.



Was great fun to discover new area especially cause go down to Loch Ard so much but knowing there is so much more to see.


A fun Saturday walk!

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