Beginning to start going through all my photos from our holiday in Greece, most of it was with the GoPro which I haven’t even started to download onto my computer yet. Thought I would start with the photos from my DSLR as that was a lot less so easier.

We went on a beach activities holiday to one of Neilson’s resorts in Greece; Sivota. It is mainland Greece but very near Corfu and a stunning place. Had a really good week and got up to loads.  I am looking forward to editing the footage and seeing everything that we did.

This first blog is from our first day there when we arrived and walked down into the village for the evening. The hotel was about a 10min walk downhill into the village so great location. Wow it was hot and only to get hotter that week.

Our room had a balcony and a very picturesque view, we didn’t actually spend much time out there as we were outside so much elsewhere and the room was air conditioned which was a god send. The weather they were having was August weather but without the wind to go with it so very hot for everyone; tourists and locals. Reaching mid 30s most days.



The walk down into the village gave some lovely views, the place had such a great calm peaceful feel to it.


Once down into the village we went for a walk around the harbour and bay enjoying the views, sunshine and heat. Also getting excited for getting out on the water the next day.






Didn’t really take many photos of the village itself, we went down to it a few times but more enjoyed just walking around the place without the camera. Mainly due to the heat and not wanting a camera with me plus having hands free for cold drinks! However did get this one of the flowers going up the side of one of the buildings and really like the contrast in colour.


The sunset on the first evening was stunning and very hard to narrow down what photos to keep from that.







Hope you enjoyed the first blog from our holiday and many more to come over the next few weeks.

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