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Got back from holiday at the beginning of July but had two big work reports to get in this month so that has been my main focus. However this week I got them both done which means I can now start to do more fun stuff. Like start going through all the photos and GoPro footage I got while away.

First off though these are from photos from last weekend when I met up with Morag, my mother-in-law, for a bike ride at Glenbranter. Lovely sunny day. Had been a bit of a harder week so was great to get that outside time and back onto the bike.

We cycled for about 45mins from the car park going along the side of the loch and then spotted a great beach to head to for our break and tea.

Decided to use my jetboil rather than make a flask of tea, love my jetboil. Great to be able to heat up water so quickly and defo worse spots to sit and have a cup of tea.

Maia enjoyed cooling off in this river just before getting back to the car.

Sign of a good ride:

Decided to get the ferry back across from Dunoon to Gourock rather than heading back over the rest and be thankful. Lovely 20minutes standing out on the deck of the ferry admiring the views.

Overall fab day out!

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