Backpack Shoulder Strap Mount For Hillwalking

Next accessory to try out with my GoPro was the backpack shoulder strap mount, decided to go with hill walking first and then will see what it is like on the bike as well. Good to be able to easily access the GoPro but still have both hands free.


I really like the view it gives you when filming at being at that height and position.

Fun to go for a walk with a friend and Maia loves having someone else to play with. Went for this walk on Father’s Day so was finding it hard in the morning, however a good walk in the sunshine with company really helped.

Paul and Maia

Perfect morning to be out walking, just the right temperature and loved the cloud formations.



Have reached the top of this hill many times and it is one that my dad used to do all the time with our family dog. There is some much that I do and most especially in the outdoors because of him. The impact he has had on my life is huge and I miss not being able to tell him about my outdoor adventures and show him the stuff I film with my GoPro.

The top



Maia had great fun and was certainly very pleased to reach the stream at the bottom for a well deserved lie down and drink.

Overall happy with this attachment and one that I think I will use quite a lot when walking.

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