One Year Landmarks

Past couple of weeks have reached the one year since my dad died and then a year since his funeral. With Father’s Day tomorrow I thought I would do a blog about the one year landmarks.

Everyone is different with how they deal with grief and go through it so this is just how I feel. There is no right or wrong way to feel but it is important to talk about the feelings no matter what they are. Grief is such a hard thing to go through but also a hard thing for people to be alongside and know how to support the person and what to say or do. The more everyone talks about it the easier that will become.

That is one of the reasons why I put the picture of the book as my feature imagine. It is a book that I wanted to read as soon as I knew about it so pre-ordered it and got it the day it came out. If had started it earlier in the day would have read it in one day. A hard , sad and heart breaking read but very well written. Defo worth the read for anyone going through any stage of grief or wanting to know more about it. Also great for being so open about mental health.

The one year anniversary of my dad during passed just as any day really. Partly because I was ill so wasn’t really having many feelings around it. Also though cause it is just another day I didn’t think about him any less or more than any other day and it didn’t change the facts. Hard now that all my memories of him being alive are now over a year old.

The one year since his funeral I really wanted the day to be about making the most of being alive and enjoying life. Appreciating what I have and not taking it for granted.

Had one of the most amazing lunches ever from a street food market.

Along with the one year landmarks we have also had our 4 year wedding anniversary. Was spent together ill so not ideal and we were meant to go out for dinner as well but that got postponed.

However now both better so got to enjoy a lovely meal out together celebrating our wedding anniversary and being happy with where we are at the moment in life. A lot has happened the past few years for both of us so great now to have reached this point and be enjoying ourselves. Hoping to make date night a monthly occurrence.

Today hasn’t been the best of days for me, not struggling or feeling low more just flat and hard to do anything. A poor mental health day but manageable. I have recognised it , tried to be kind to myself and done what I know will help. It was never going to be the easiest of few weeks and especially with Father’s Day approaching as well.

Always going to be a time of year where there is the build up in the shops, media and elsewhere. Not easy to have and hard hitting at some points. Makes it very obvious of what is missing and that is still a strange concept to get ones head around.

Overall have felt that have dealt with the one year landmarks in a healthy and positive way.

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