Trail Coach Tuition

For my Christmas my mum got me a half day 1-2-1 tuition for mountain biking with Trail Coach. I have been really excited to have to get it organised and have the half day. I didn’t want to do it when I hadn’t had much chance to get out on my bike due to the house so once we moved in at the end of March the end of May seemed like as good as time as any to aim for.

I then tried to get out on my bike as much as possible and while one could always hope and want for more I wasn’t going into this half day with no time on my bike at all. Had been down to Loch Ard a few times, time on my bike cycling to and from work on a Tuesday for three weeks in a row which is good for just pure distance and time on the saddle plus been to Carron Valley. So I felt I was as prepared as I could be was just hoping that I was fit enough to get the most out of the session as I could.

For the 3 hours very useful and learnt a lot from it, I want to be able to go out on my bike and improve my skills each time not just stay at the same level so what I learnt today I feel will really help me with that. Was great just starting with the real basics and having some exercises to work on range of movement that I can do anywhere with the bike. So can go for a ride down at Loch Ard, nothing technical but be able to practise these which will improve my riding for every terrain.

Being able to watch myself back on the videos he took was really helpful and a good way of learning. There was a lot to take in and put into practise plus no matter how slowly you are going on a bike you are still going at a speed that it is difficult to be aware if you are doing everything that you want to do. So watching yourself back on video really helped with that, I need to work on bending my knees more and getting my bum down! Might in the future video myself doing some sections so I can watch it back and see how I am getting on. Well help me learn and get better.

The instructor Ramsay MacFarlane was really good at explaining why he was teaching what he was teaching, the reasoning behind the theory and getting me to improve each time. Would highly recommend Trial Coach if looking for some tuition. He was big on his Ps for the information that he was wanting to give across so when on the bike it is about having purpose and power so that you aren’t being the passenger of the bike but instead being its pilot.

Looking forward to putting into practice what I have learnt today and improving from that.

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