Self Improvement

So my plan to blog twice a week hasn’t really worked out that well for this month so far. Hence the title of this blog being self improvement as it is something that I very much want to improve I just need to get back into the habit of doing blogs more regularly. Think one of the features that I need to start using is having more drafts of ideas of blogs and also scheduling my posts. At the moment I am just writing them and then publishing them so just one at a time which can then be difficult to fit in when there is lots of other things going on in life. That is something that I want to improve on.

Another area which will help with doing more blogs is to get out there more with my camera and take pictures. Even though they aren’t always related I am very much about having photos with each blog, can just be one but I always want there to be a photograph. So the more that I get out there and take pictures the easier it is going to be to do more blogs.

Today I went for a longer walk down at Loch Ard that I normally do, trying to get fitter and also just felt like being out more than I have been previously. Was a really enjoyable walk, not too hard and and not too easy. Sometimes it is nice just to walk and let you mind passively think or not think. Was happy to do essentially 13km.


I of course had my trusty best friend with me; Maia and she had great time being out for longer. She is currently fast asleep in her bed, would love to know what distance she ends up doing when out with her. Would bet it is at least triple of what I do.

GPTempDownload (8)

GPTempDownload (3)

GPTempDownload (2)

It wasn’t the best of days weather wise, grey and raining pretty much for the full time. Midges are now very much out so was glad that I wore trousers rather than shorts. Loch Ard is particularly bad for midges. The rain wasn’t too heavy though so actually it was nice to be walking with a gentile smir of rain on my face, felt very content with being out walking and in the rain.

GPTempDownload (6)

Because I was out for longer I stopped a few times for cups of tea along with lunch so more than just one cup of tea outside today.



This was my view for lunch:



I enjoyed getting photos of flowers and fauna as I walked and from different angles. The tea photos, lunch and the selfie were taken on my phone otherwise I used my GoPro. Not necessary the best for getting close ups but good to have a play around with.

GPTempDownload (7)

GPTempDownload (5)

GPTempDownload (4)

GPTempDownload (1)


So my aim now is to get out there more with my camera and to blog more regularly along being a bit more prepared with drafts and ideas so that I am not just doing a blog one at a time. Lets see how this self improvement goes.



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