GoPro 7 As A Camera

Got a GoPro 7 for my birthday but haven’t had much chance to use it so thought when went for a walk yesterday down at Loch Ard would take it and just use it as a camera. Usually I have just used GoPros for doing videos and then taking stills from that but this time I only used the camera setting to try that out.

Weather was amazing so a perfect day for a walk with Maia and a friend in one of my favourite parts of Scotland. Photos I have taken before but good to be trying out something new and also just to be out taking photos again.

Maia ready for her stick to be thrown


If she doesn’t want a stick thrown then she wants a stone kicked for her.







Absolutely love this view


Textbook blue sky and clouds.


“Let me just take some weight off this.”


“Right perfect, ready to go!”






Lunch spot


Another cup of tea outside.


Has been a good walk.

Enjoyed trying out the GoPro for a camera and getting used to using it a bit more. Good to have some variety to what I used for taking pictures and a few options for different methods.

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