Baseline is Happy

As you will probably have noticed I haven’t blogged for a while so just wanted to do a quick updated on what has been happening for the past month. I am still very much carrying on this blog but it just hasn’t been top priority which is fine. Sometimes you just need to take a break from some activities and then come back to them when you are ready.

It is partly been that but also partly been that have been busy doing house stuff which doesn’t really give that much to write about.



However we are getting there with it and I am getting a lot better and enjoying the moments and the journey. There is no point in it always been about it will be worth it in the end as you never know and if it hasn’t been fun getting to that point then it might not be. So now starting to enjoy each day much more.


Have been on anti-depressants now for over a month and think they have made a big difference. Bit like ah so this is what life is meant to be like with better levels of serotonin  and it has been great. I feel like myself or a better version cause so much has changed in the past few years. Very much happy to stay on them at the moment and just feels like everything is a bit more stable and defo not as overwhelming any more. Didn’t know they would make such a big difference but I am very happy that they have along with all my other positive behaviours.

As the title of this blog says my baseline is now happy, that is how I am now feel every day from when I wake up to when I go to sleep. It is much less up and down that it just to be with feeling okay and having good moments.

Last week had my last appointment with my psychologist which up until a couple of weeks before that felt like a big deal and was defo a contributing factor to everything but as I started to improve it felt like that right time. Has helped massively and my life has changed so much good and bad since my first appointment but very much a different person from when I started getting that help and couldn’t be more appreciative of it. It was exactly what I needed.

Have managed to get out for a few cups of tea outside, not as many as I would like but the big priority at the moment is getting the house ready and then after that will be focusing more on building fitness up again with bike rides, hikes and kayaks.



Those two photos are taken on consecutive days but completely different weather for the two days.

So now it very much is onwards and upwards to experience what life has to offer!


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