Getting some tea outside

This week I have been off work due to my mental health. Last week really realised that the depression was back and that hit me pretty hard. Thursday I really struggled at work and managed only about an hour or so of it. Since then have been off work.

I knew that I really needed to focus on getting some more outdoor time and just trying to clear my head a bit with everything that is going on. Hasn’t been the easiest of weeks and have been up and down with it all. Wednesday was a really hard day but each day I have got out for some exercise and tea drinking outdoors.

Monday was an absolutely stunning day and I was grateful that I could take advantage of it to get up the whangie with Maia to enjoy it. Felt great doing that and really noticed the difference in my headspace. Started to feel like the meds were working and that I was beginning to be in a better place again.

Tuesday the weather wasn’t as great which I think can play a big part in it all. Still got a good walk outside but was grey and wet so not the same pick me up.

In the afternoon felt a bit flatter and not as much motivation to be doing anything. Both Monday and Tuesday had been going to the house to be getting on with that as loads of work still to be done before we can move in. That is one of the factors going on at the moment.

Wednesday was not in a good headspace all day , everything felt relentless and overall just felt miserable.

Got out for my first paddle of the year which I am pleased about and I enjoyed parts of it just not the best paddle I have ever had.

Had a break from the house that day and a good chat over a meal out with Kat which helped a lot. So finished the day in a better place that I started it. But yeah Wednesday was a very hard day this week.

Yesterday was a much better day all around. Kat was off so we got to spend the day together which made a huge difference and for the first time in ages we went and did the whangie together.

Made the decision to have another day off from the house and spent the afternoon/evening just chilling out. Was great to get that quality time in together.

So this morning the weather is stunning again and I would love just to be heading outdoors to go for a walk somewhere with Maia but after the past couple of days with doing nothing at the house that needs to be my priority today.

Use the past few days to know that I have had some outdoor time and focus on doing DIY in order to work towards something that I want. It is getting that balance as the sooner that we get the house done and can move in that will be one aspect that can hopefully start to settle down for me but also making sure that I am getting enough time out for other things to be able to handle everything and keep going.

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