Focus on the good and the bad will get better

For the first time in quite a while I didn’t blog on Sunday, really just didn’t have anything to say or any photos to show or anything there to blog about. The photo I have for this blog today is one that Kat took last week when out with Maia and I love it.

Have noticed that my mental health is taking a slight dip at the moment, the not having any photos or anything to say is maybe a sign of that. Just not feeling in as good a place as have done and starting to struggle a bit more and more.

So I am talking about it and letting people know. There has been a lot going on this month and still a lot to go which will have have had a chipping away affect at it and how I feel.

It would be great if it was a straight line of up all the time but unfortunately that very much isn’t life.

So focus on the good and the bad will get better.

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