Walk With My Camera

For a good few blogs recently the photos have been taken on my phone and haven’t really done that much with my camera, Nikon D60 with a Tamron Lens 18 – 200mm. So thought today I would change that and go for a walk with my camera to take some photos.

Went to Loch Ard, one of my favourite places, for a walk with Maia and the weather was stunning! Cold and clear which was great for showing off the wonderful colours of the area. With hardly any wind there was some really good reflections on the Loch. However  as you can see from the photos the smaller details closer to the ground is what caught my eye for photos today.


I really enjoyed taking pictures of the small ice puddles on the road and the patterns they had made.



Maia of course was there and I am really happy with these couple of photos that I got of her.



Where I stopped for lunch there was fallen down tree that had recently happened, enjoyed taking photos and got one favourite one which I kept.


Keeping up my new year resolution of drinking more tea outside and it was a pretty good spot to enjoy the day.


Normally I don’t take that many photos on my walk back again but was glad that I still have my camera out so that I could get this final shot of the day.


Need to get out there some more with my camera!

3 Replies to “Walk With My Camera”

      1. But I think it gives them more impact because you did. Browsing through 10, even five images that are near identical definitely takes away from the experience, however good the photos. Congrats on your strict editing!


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