Outside Tea Drinker

One of my new year resolutions is to drink more tea outside. I want do more hillwalking, kayaking, biking, camping and just generally be outside more however that is a very open new year resolutions. Sometimes it is better and easier to focus on smaller details and that results in the larger ones happening as well.

So I had the thought that if I focussed on drinking more tea outside whether from a flask, my jet boil, one that I have bought or taken with me then that itself is going to have a knock on effect on many more areas that just drinking tea.


As a bit of fun I have also decided to set up an instagram account ( outsideteadrinker) for this as well to take pictures and document carrying out this new year resolution. Also as a bit of an experiment as 2 years ago when my mental health started to really suffer and everything was happening I deleted Facebook and instagram as they weren’t helping. Have stayed away from them since so this is very much just about me posting the photos and seeing how I get on, not going to be following anyone or spending time looking at other people’s photos.


So here is to a year of drinking tea outside!

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