One Kitchen, Fifty Photos

A few days ago I read a blog about just being in one room and taking the best 50 photos : One Room, Fifty Photographs (II) The idea/ challenge really caught my eye so I thought that I would give it ago today.

Something different from what I usually do which is great as that is how you learn and expand your knowledge and skill. Initially I found it quite difficult to do as felt like I was just taking photos of items but not really composing a picture. However I kept at it and just left my camera in the kitchen so that every time I went in I took a few photos rather than trying to take loads at once. I then started to get into it a bit more and later on the in the day spent longer taking a whole load of photos.

Looking through them there is some that I am happy with and other aren’t quite so good, the lightening was also quite low for a lot of them but I really enjoyed the challenge and would do it again.

Today I have also made banana bread so there is a few photos themed around that:

Also took some photos when I was making my lunch ( not that it was anything fancy):

Enjoyed taking photos to do with the cooker and different angles with that:

Have tried to theme the photos together that I took through out the day as much as I could anyway:



Some photos worked well in colour and others it was good taking in black and white.



Varied the angle that I was taking the photos at so for these ones for when Maia was eating and just after I was lying the floor.

Hope you enjoyed this blog and something a bit different from me.

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One Reply to “One Kitchen, Fifty Photos”

  1. Interesting experiment isn’t it! What I’ve found happening too is once you’ve seen an everyday object in a different light once via this kind of experiment, then every time you see that object afterwards it’s different. And of course, you start to look for other details around the room/house that you’ve overlooked before.

    It would be good to hear if/how this influences your next regular outing with your camera.

    In terms if presenting experiments like this, personally I would share fewer photos, but enough that show a range of the different angles and approaches that it’s encouraged you to explore. But then I am on a bit of a crusade to edit my photos more harshly and share far fewer than I used to, so this strongly influences my previous comments!


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