Achieving Goals

Back in August I re-did my year’s resolutions ( Fresh Start) and one of them was to get out each month hill walking, biking and kayaking. Since then I have managed all three each month.

This month I have managed a few bike rides and walks but not that many paddles. So last weekend I decided that Wednesday would be my day for getting in a paddle. Doesn’t always turn out well weather wise when have to do it that way but in terms or organisation it is the only real way to do it.

So yesterday I got my November paddle in which I am happy about. One always good to get out on the water and two to know that I have achieved that goal for another month.

Luckily went in the morning so the first of the paddle was dry and though cold at the start I soon starter to warm up.

By warm up I mean enough to take my buff and hat off for a while.

It didn’t stay like that for the whole time and soon the rain started and the wind built up. By the end I felt like I had had a good amount of exercise which I was happy with

Was glad to have my post kayak snack back at the car before heading home.

Really enjoyed the paddle and didn’t mind that the weather turned during it. All about having the right clothes on which I did so was still good fun. Had the Loch to myself which was amazing. Not often that Loch Lomond is so quiet.

Now onwards to December.

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