Importance of Maia

So after a few blogs where it has been about the holiday I thought I would do one more around mental health and I suppose the difference that having a pet especially a dog can make.

There hasn’t just been one main thing in terms of my support network that has helped and is helping me get through this. So just because I have for this blog decided to focus on Maia doesn’t take away at all the importance that everyone else has played. It is a combination of everything!

When growing up I wanted a dog from a very young age and had a pretend one for a good few years. I then had a family dog from the age of 7 to 20 who was amazing and loved him like a brother. Always knew that I wanted a dog of my own so was over the moon when Kat and I reached the point in our lives where we could get a dog. We have now had Maia for just over 4 years and she has been everything that we could have wished for and much much more.

Through out the past couple of years it has been brilliant for me to have her. It gives you that routine when you are finding it hard to do anything. Doesn’t matter what is going on or what the weather is doing she still needs out and a good amount of exercise. As the outdoors is so important to me it is great to have her to mean that I have to fit it into my day, there isn’t an option.

At my worst moments I always had in my head as well I can’t say goodbye to her, I mean I couldn’t do that for anyone but for her I would suddenly just not be there. All the stuff that we do together and her going looking for me or expecting me to be there and that was a huge factor for me to keep holding on.

It doesn’t matter who I am or how I identify or any of that. To her I am her human and that is all that matters.

There is nothing quite like a dog for just living in the moment as whatever is going on out on walk she just wants to play and have fun. That is all that it is about and she has always made me smile for just being her.

So having her has made a huge difference in working through my mental heath problems and getting better. She made a huge difference to my life before that but even more appreciative of her now and the difference having a dog or any pet can make to someone. They will walk by your side no matter what with all the love that they can give you.

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